Sunday 24 February 2013


Following Thantsants example here in which he posts pictures of the goodies he is seeking, I have slavishly done the same as it seems such a good idea

First up I need 9 more of this chap, Ral Partha Armoured centaur for King Amias loyal centaur guard. There is a variant holding the spear slightly forward,  either will make me happy.

Next, a rather flaky little ghoul, again from Ral Partha. In 1983, when Thistlewood was published there were not many ghouls on the market, and Lord Vassago requires a bodyguard of 15. So far I have 11.

I am always after this figure, possibly my all time favourite miniature, again from Ral Partha. Hecatron or Armoured Giant. I have 11 already, but can never get too many (strange really). This piccy is pinched off Coolminiornot. I really must get my painted ones photographed.

Here is a monster that I am finding really hard to track down. The Well Drakken from Ral Partha (there is a decidedly American theme running through my wants)

I like the Froudian look of this chap, also reminds me of Scandinavian trolls creeping through vast pine or birch forests.

I have hundreds more I can't live without, but I will be keeping my eyes skinned for these in particular.


  1. Can't help you I'm afraid, but I too would love a Well Drakken!

  2. Most interesting list but I fear I cannot help.
    I too love the look of the Well Draken
    He does indeed have a look of Brian Froud's work about him.I too am a Froud fan and feel he is often underated .
    BTW my first wishlist item would be a Giant from Minifigs Mythical Earth range...