Thursday 14 October 2021


 or rather the remains of it. Another post without any of my stuff in it I'm afraid, but here's what I've been doing over the last couple of weeks.

On 1st October, I became custodian of the remains of Joe Dever's miniature collection, tasked with selling them to raise funds for Cancer Research UK.

With 2 good friends Geoff and Harry, we travelled up to Nottingham to collect the figures which are currently residing in my garage and on sale on ebay.

Pop over to my selling page and take a look. All items with JD in the title are from Joe's collection and are selling well. Here's a few pics of what is or has been on offer.

An enormous Flintloque army. This is for sale privately if anyone is interested drop me a comment below.

Anti Paladin.

Ral Partha Wind Lord

Citadel archers

Citadel rogues

Mixed dwarves

Essex knights

Essex Poles

Citadel archers

Front rank HYW (rather poignantly, Joe never finished the bases on these).

Minifigs Parthians (I was tempted to buy these myself but resisted). There are 3 units of these.

More Poles

Essex hobilars

Foundry ribaulds

Needless to say I'm thrilled an honoured to be looking after these sales and am hoping we can raise a goodly sum for such a great charity. I've tried to pitch the prices sensibly so they will sell but also generate funds. 

I have to declare that my actions aren't entirely altruistic, and I have acquired some of Joe's very early figures for my own collection, including many from the Thistlewood scenario I'm always banging on about, which I'll show in the near future.