Saturday 18 March 2017


These bods were sold as Trills. I'm not sure what a Trill is, but I like the figures from 1977. In fact I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion the very early Ral Partha ranges are some of my favourites. Tom Meier obviously had a penchant for classical armour, as many of his sculpts wear it, these guys being no exception.

There were 2 different figures in a bag. One with a naginata, one with a falcata. Amazingly I still had the naginata from the ones I bought in 1980, and I made another up using broken bits and pieces from the bits box. Again they sport the Vile Rune on their bronze aspis.

Sunday 5 March 2017


I don't use drybrushing much, but looking at a few blogs of painters who do, I decided to give it a go on this mix of cavemen and barbarians that form the front line in the picture of the Joe Dever battle I am rebuilding.

It was certainly very quick, and although I'm not elated with the overall result it will do. I've since tried out a quick method of paining muscled flesh using washes which I'm very pleased with, but I guess the drybrushing gives these hairy chaps an old school not quite human look. They are a real mix of figures (as in the original picture I am re-creating). Citadel cavemen, vikings and beserkers, Minifigs cavemen, Ral Partha hillmen, Asgard cavemen, even a Barry Minot figure (did you know he made the top of the Egyptian staff in Raiders of the Lost Ark?). One of the cavemen has a pet wolf from the Ral Partha WWW range...again in the original picture.

They are under the watchful eye of their god, Uncle Magnon...... a pebble I picked up off the beach in Lynmouth North Devon a couple of weeks ago.

Uncle Magnon.