Tuesday 30 June 2015


I've just read this post  over at Mark Hides blog which sums up pretty much how I feel all the time. Mr Hides is of a similar age to myself (47) and has captures that past-mid-life spectre that is hovering over all of us...the old enemy Time chipping away as our measured span. One of the many things on my 'must do and see before I cark it' is now beyond reach with the sad death of YES bassist and co-founder Chris Squire at the age of 67.  I'm not sure when I was going to see YES , but I had a vague idea I would in the next couple of years.

Inevitably with the constant feeling of a limited life span, time seems to pass even quicker and I have a Damoclean sword continually hanging over me about all the gaming projects I want to complete but know I never will ( as well as important stuff to worry about like bringing the kids up, keeping the Mrs. in her usual good mood etc.). Faced with a bloody mountain of figures it all seems rather futile. I am currently ploughing through several hundred 54mm Toy Soldier style ECW figures to help with a school project next year, but once they are finished I hope to fling myself back into Fantasy stuff, with Oldhammer, Prehammer and Skinthammer projects brewing (or rather looming).

How I feel most of the time.
 (This picture, along with the rest of the gatefold pics in my brother's copy of the Yes album Fragile, used to fascinate me. In fact I think it's safe to say poring over the Roger Dean illustrations and designs aged about 8, had a lot to do with my future Fantasy leanings)

In the meantime I'll be raising a glass To The Heart of the Sunrise and drinking to Chis Squires memory and musical legacy.