Thursday 27 October 2022


 One of George's schoolfriends has an Italian dad and they visit Italy several times a year. Last time they went I asked him to pick up these 2 books.

One on the battle of Anghiari by Massimo Predonzani who has written the recent Helion publications on the Italian Wars, and one about the Siege of Padua in 1509 called The Lion, the Eagle and the Cat (Venetian Lion, Imperial Eagle and the main defensive bastion of Padua was called The Bastion of the Cat).

Both in Italian which I can just about manage, using my O level Latin and Google translate. Full of fascinating details.

Sunday 23 October 2022


 Yeah, real life completely manic at the moment, and I'm not posting everything I get finished, but here's a picture of some Stradiots for my retro Italian Wars project.... also usable with Oldhammer Tileans. Inspired by pictures in 1980s issues of Miniature Wargames.

Figures by QT, Venexia and Hinchliffe.

Apologies to blogging friends as I'm not commenting on your blogs as often as I would like. A combination of time constraints and general ennui with a dose of black dog sees me wasting valuable hobby time doing nothing.