Wednesday 28 June 2023


 I recently tested the Mythic World dwarf moulds I bought from East Riding Miniatures with some success. I'm renaming then Gnomes as they are diminutive even for dwarves. Initially they'll be sold as a mixed bag of 20 got £20 to work through the stock that came with the moulds.

20 assorted Gnomes for £20 ( plus postage) while stocks last. Please note you may get the odd duplicate, but I'll try and put in as much variety as I can.

Monday 19 June 2023


 I just need to add the gloss varnish to the water, and then add the flock promised from The Last Valley, and it's finished.

The reeds are pieces of doormat dipped in Citadel Ork flesh contrast paint,
then drybrushed. I painted in a few lily leaves as well.

Next project will hopefully be this tower from White Dwarf 53 , which I aim to have ready by September, the 40th anniversary of the Thistlewood battle in WD45.

Friday 16 June 2023


I'm just trying out a sample stretch of river. I'm looking to recreate a slow flowing English lowland river, so was looking for a browny green effect ( notto represent all the sewage being pumped into it😡 but I daresay it could).

A quick test piece with a wood next to it to give me an idea of what the banks will look like when flocked.

Thursday 15 June 2023


 Progress on the mill so far, painting has commenced. I'm not sure about the wood lining the river bank which was washed with Agrax might look better when everything else is finished.

I managed to get a few more villagers and personalities done as well.

Dickon of Barnsley (one of Robin's original band who dies at the end of the second episode).

Tom the Fletcher (Dickon's friend who also dies at Castle Belleme).

Adam the Carter, one of the contestants at the competition for the Silver Arrow.

Hedger of Castleton (Robin in disguise).

John Barley, another competitor. These Conquest Games figures look just like the characters on the screen, so I've tried to copy the colour scheme they are wearing.

A random villager.

Another peasant, Foundry miniatures.

I'm on a bit of a roll at the moment, although the paint on the pallet is drying quickly in the warm weather.

Friday 9 June 2023


 I've been rising at sparrows to try and get painting done first thing, and I've managed to knock out a few figures for my Robin of Sherwood project.

The Baron de Belleme is the devil worshipping antagonist in the first series of Robin of Sherwood, and he is attended by a couple of slinky witches ( one of the perks of the job).

The Baron de Belleme by Conquest Games.

Witch one, who comes to a sticky end in a later episode.

Witch 2, Lilith (original eh?), who later enchants Robin and resurrects the dead baron.

a bewitched Little John as servant of the Baron

a random villager, very old Citadel model, much smaller than modern figures, he'll do as a teenager.

A pig rustler... possibly 1st Corps figures, but I cant remember.

A Foundry peasant.

An abject groveller, no doubt a victim of Gisburne or the sherriff (Midlam Minaitures?)

I'll add flock to them all when I have a big enough batch to make it worth while getting the flock pots out.

I'm enjoying painting random figures, doing the skintones first in batches of 4, and then each moidel individually. I can get a couple a day finished.

The mill and river project is progressing, but I'm tring to get hold of flock dfrom The Last Valley who don't answer their messages sadly.

The mill so far.