Tuesday 11 January 2022


 I think this may have been one of Joe Dever's oldest and perhaps favourite units. Originally 20 strong these red Minifigs knights appear in the battle covered on the Project Aon site, and also in a picture from Thistlewood, battling a wyvern in the distance. They were depleted to 14 when I took command of them and I'm going to get them back to strength. I just need 5 knights, either like the unpainted one shown, or the one with the horns which have been snipped off in Joe's unit. If anyone has these Minifigs AX knights in the UK, please get in touch.

I just love the simplicity of these Minifigs medievals and the way they are painted in enamels, possibly gloss enamel rather than being varnished.

Details of the foil pennants

Here they are in action battling a wyvern in the distance in White Dwarf 45

and fighting Chaos warriors about 1986 

and arrayed for battle in Joe's games room about 1986 with full complement of 20 Knights
on the right hand side.

I'm on the lookout for 5 more like this or with horns.

I've got horses for them ready and waiting

so if anyone can help,drop me a comment below please and help these aged knights get back into battle.