Monday 22 July 2013


Very occasionally I force myself awake to bid for a figure on Ebay USA , the auctions tending to end in the middle of the night here in England. Last night I woke myself up to bid for a figure I first saw in White Dwarf 17 (reviewed in Molten Magic )and wanted ever since The Doom guard by Archive Miniatures. I would have probably won the auction so keen was I to get it, but the grip of Morpheus was too strong and I went back to sleep waking 10 minutes after the bidding ended.

So a plea to any readers, if you have this figure and want to sell it, let me know

nostalgia is a powerful force, but not powerful enough to keep me awake after a weekend at home with the kids.

Wednesday 3 July 2013


 Work is going well with the Thistlewood armies (I've painted about 200 figures so far) but I am just deciding  on how to start the bases having had some good tips from Thantsants over at Somewhere the teas getting cold .

Meanwhile here are some more barbarians, my chaos pooches and their handler

The hounds are GW plastic wolves with spiky bits then coated in static grass and painted.

I really like this helmet from the first Chaos Warriors Speciality set. The hounds got a bit frisky one day and chewed off Throk's face and hand...

On the subject of hounds, I have always been a bit ambivalent towards our canine chums, but was pretty heavily converted by having this splendid dog (or bitch to be accurate but less polite) Pip to stay a week or so back

I think I was more gutted than the boys when she left and since then the pressure has been on from them to get a four legged member of the family...we shall see.