Sunday 8 May 2016


Here's the thief Foro Malas who started the whole affair at Thistlewood, by pinching the Chalice of Landemar. He hides the chalice in the village and then proceeds to murder the mayor/local wizard Polias.

Here he is about to sneak into the wizards tower.A Citadel thief from the very early 80's. I painted him up to look like Seward the thief from Robin of Sherwood in the episode Seven Poor Knights from Acre. 

Pictured below being interviewed by Ray Winstone.

Tuesday 3 May 2016


I think these are the last figures that needed painting for my Thistlewood project,  but of course there could be endless tweaking. I could paint up a more imposing Lord Vassago, and get 30 Minifigs Knights of the Silver Rose to act as Baron Galen's cavalry, but I'm finished really. In the scenario, various houses in Thistlewood contain either terrified of belligerent inhabitants, and in one case, a mad dog.

Back in 1983, there were surprisingly few villager and civilian figures available as far as I could make out at the time. The bulk of the figures here are Hinchliffe and Citadel.

The villagers flee with their baggage and pets (all Hinchliffe)

Others discuss the sightings of Lord Vassago's evil horde (Hinchliffe and Citadel)

The Village elders, rich and poor (Citadel and Essex)

The shepherds fierce dog is out of control (Hinchliffe and Citadel dog)

The landlord of the inn and his family prepare to batten down the hatches and hope the King's troops reach them first (all Citadel)

Other townsfolk mill about (Hinchliffe and Citadel)

Meanwhile, braver souls arms themselves to repel orcs and undead. (Hinchliffe and Asgard)
These militia are also part of my budding Lion Rampant Robin of Sherwood project, Wolfshead Rampant, soon to appear on my other blog