Wednesday 7 December 2022

The Men Who Would be Kings

 I went to play a quick game with my regular opponent Speckled Jim last night, and he cracked open his 15mm collection for a colonial game using the Osprey rules.

I was playing the Beja or Hadenedowa, defending their village against an Anglo Egyptian force, and I didn't do terribly well, not actually getting anywhere near the enemy before being gunned down, so relatively historically accurate.

I learned a few lessons so if we play again I'll try and wait until I can charge him en masse so he can't concentrate his fire.

It was a fun game though.

Initial deployment. Some of my tribesmen in the village, the rest on the table edge nearest the camera.

The Anglo Egyptian force move forward and I try to outflank them with my camelry on the far right.... the Egyptian cavalry although inferior roll some damn lucky dice with their carbine shooting and pin me before I can contact.
Meanwhile I despatched a unit of tribesmen through the oasis , but they again get pinned.

Jim's firing line form a crescent facing the village so any Beja who stirs is targeted.

My casualties.... A sorry sight.

A fun quick game. Years since I played a colonial game, and I'm sorry my generalship didn't do the Beja justice.

As Corporal Jones would say
"They didn't like it up 'em."