Wednesday 8 April 2020


Managed to complete the second lockdown challenge set by Geoff. To paint the figure that you've had longest in your lead pile. Well I bought this Ral Partha dwarf in 1979 and was given a duplicate at the same time. The first chap sported a fine coating of Humbrol gloss enamels, and was my first D&D character, a dwarf called Gent. I'm not sure what happened to that version, but his twin had languished in the lowest strata of the lead mountain for 41 years, so it's high time he was painted.
The colour scheme ties in with some other dwarfs I've painted which I'll show soon.

Next shot is progress so far on my Travellers on the Endless Wastes from the last post. About halfway through these lovely Aly Morrison sculpts.

Friday 3 April 2020


Most of my ideas for fantasy armies and units remain firmly in my head as I never get round to doing anything about them, or if I do it is sometimes literally decades later.  I like basing armies and units on prog rock songs and imagery such as my Broadsword ship and I have several ideas for figures inspired by the songs of Jethro Tull. One song (The Clasp) on the Broadsword and the Beast album starts "We travellers on the endless wastes..." which has always conjured up images in my head of characters battling against driving snow or at least walking through an endless snowy landscape, a bit like the elf like figures in this Jackie Morris picture above, and perhaps these Dark Elves by John Blanche in The Seven Serpents by Steve Jackson.

I've been casting around for figures to suit the look I'm after and the solid base Citadel High elves are just the ticket... sculpted by Aly Morrison and released in 1984, they are fur clad, have slightly Slavic features and Russian looking armour so scream "cold endless steppes" to me. I've collected about 30 which will be enough for a couple of units. Combined with some Polar bears, gypsy caravans and a suitable paint job they should do the job.

I've so far painted about 14, and it's slow progress as I'm getting  2 hours a week painting done, but we'll get there.