Saturday 6 February 2016


These have been on the blog before, but I have rebased them old school style. More and more I am preferring plain bases on these older figures....after all they are only to give the correct frontage and keep the figure up. Too much flummery detracts from the figure methinks. Plain flock is ok, but I've seen figures that look as if they are walking in an herbaceous border in full flower.

The dwarfs are sporting classic Tolkien heraldry as befits 70's figures.

All figures by Garrison I lament their recent closing.

Thursday 4 February 2016


Apologies about this post, I am showing these pics to a potential buyer, and couldn't send them to him as a file. I will probably delete it if they sell. If you are interested drop me a comment, but the initial enquirer gets first shout. £300 the lot free postage in the UK.

Undead Tomb kings bundle

Chaos siege tower

Equipment, 1 catapult, 2 empire gun emplacements and mantelets, one complete batering ram, one partial battering ram, rock droppers, boiling oil, hand held rams, supply carts

25 casualty makers

9 chaos chariots 1, marauder leader, 2 bases of chaos warriors

oops, close up of warriors upside down

ah that;'s better. Chariots with converted standards

Mega rare Storm of chaos stuff, plus warhounds and some spare strips of warriors

Archaon and special marauder types released with him. Swamp thing and Albion wizard plague thingy.

Close up od spare chaos stuff

Shed loads of Empire

Karl Franz and Valten, other Storm of Chaos personalities. War altar idol and guard

VERY RARE Knights of Blazing Sun and others

Some painted troops left over from my completed army (I can't believe I actually painted figures this small)


Big bundle of non GW Empire stuff

Non GW barbarian army. Mammoth, catapult, bison riders

Loads of odds and sods...goblins, felmale captives, Dark elves, goblin chariots wolves

Some spare bases

Warmaster magazines 1-18 an extra £50