Thursday 27 February 2014

MAD BARKI THE SHAMAN (warning - gory model)

Here's Mad Barki the magician model in my Warhammer type army, complete with victim and his familiar Snaffles. In my army the warping effect of Chaos simply makes most of the affected warriors grow bigger, but Snaffles shrank.

Not sure why I painted this poor guy blue. Perhaps to show he's cold (as well as very dead). I don't normally go in for really bloody stuff like this so must have been having an off day.

Barki is a Citadel flagellant with zombie arms, the tree is from Asgard and the other characters are made up of bits and pieces.

Monday 24 February 2014


It's a Monster Manual Monday. I have a touch of The Black Dog so appropriately today it's the turn of the Hellhound

2 Hellhounds from the Citadel Fiend Factory range. I always thought they looked rather friendly myself.

Quite often I look at other peoples blogs and painting and want to cry because their stuff is so much better than mine. Better painted, better pictures and just....better. However I am continually inspired by the incredibly talented Spooktalker over at Belched from the Depths . Just take a look at his treatment of the Minifigs Hobgoblins. Charming but static old school figures made wonderful. After seeing pictures like these I am always filled with vim and vigour to lift a paintbrush again.

Friday 14 February 2014


I've just finished painting a new backdrop for my forthcoming Conan and Lord of the Rings projects  on the reverse of my more rural 18c countryside backdrop.
A distant mountain range with a lilac sky (many good fantasy skies appear to be this colour)

Frazetta's Conan in battle with Frost Giants

Safe and Sound on the Sundial by Rodney Matthews (I have this poster on the attic door)

I also did a couple of desert backdrops too, as I hope to start painting some Stygians soon.

Here's how the backdrops stay up. They are made of 3mm MDF

the other more rural side

they come apart for easy storage (or at least are meant too, but the feet get a bit stuck sometimes).
I need to make some fantasy terrain now in a Swords and Sorcery style.

Sunday 9 February 2014


About time I posted here, and I have managed to find time to re-photograph my Chaos stuff (I lost the last lot of pics with a computer crash or something)

All GW figures I think, marauder bodies on Kislev horse archer legs. The bears are from the old Wood Elf range.  Banner design shows influence of Ronnie James Dio album cover (glad I managed to catch one of his last tours, still a cracking singer into his sixties and with stomach cancer).