Tuesday 22 December 2015


I didn't have time to paint a Christmas figure this year, so had to plunder one from the collection. This great old Ral Partha figure is a giant in my Warmaster Chaos Marauder army where he towers pleasingly over the 10mm warriors.  I've got a few more of this chap waiting to be painted for my Pre-Hammer armies.

Wishing you a Splendid Winter Solstice
and a Merry Christmas

Sunday 20 December 2015


I have high hopes for these rules which arrived today

I've only had time to look at the pictures, and the bespoke artwork is excellent (I won't show any here as a spoiler to those of you planning to get a copy), but  it gets off to a good start with the frontispiece picture

Some Minifigs Valley of the Four Winds Orcs!!
1978 figures in a 2015 rulebook....huzzah!!

Saturday 19 December 2015


I've been a bit busy to post recently, but thought I would show a WIP on the Thistlewood front. Below are the remaining figures to finish - 20 elves (there are 40 here for future LOTR games) and the villagers. (plus a couple of vintage trolls which sneaked into the picture)

I recently bought a pile of 80 Minifigs hobgoblins (for my future re-creations of some of Joe Dever's early fantasy battles) which were encrusted in gloopy paint. I haven't had much luck with the Dettol procedure, finding the paint gets even more tacky and tar like as I curse and am overcome by the toxic fumes. I thought I would try immersing the first 10 of these chaps in a jam jar bath of Mr Muscle oven cleaner. In 2 days the paint just dissolved and the figures looked almost as good as new....huzzah! 

Before and after

BTW, I saw some late 70's fantasy figures on ebay, described as "Bronze Age" meaning 1975-1980ish..... does anyone else know about this categorization?

Finally a shot of my lamentably untidy painting desk. Bottom right is a Hinchliffe catapult to be an extra for the King's army.

Saturday 5 December 2015


Although not clearly visible in any of the pictures of the original Thistlewood article, the outline of the tower in the right background of this picture

looks similar to the tower from Gary Chalk and Joe Dever's collection which appeared in White Dwarf 53, 8 issues later

I would have happily had a go at building something similar if time allowed (maybe I will in the future) but in the meantime, to fit in with the other Hovels cottages I am using I have decided to use this piece

from the hovels European range. It will be on top of a hill to make it a bit more imposing, and has quite a wizardy feel about it. I can imagine to good Polias, beavering away in his study on the top floor, little knowing the fate that awaits him at the hands of the thief Foro Malas.