Sunday 10 September 2023


 Just a roundup of things that have been happening.

It was Colours at Newbury Racecourse yesterday, and I took Broadsword Miniatures  to add to the Oakbound Studio stand. 

Geoff busy with a customer.

I had my best day trading ever, mainly thanks to Martin Hackett ( author of the old Fantasy Wargaming book) buying a large goblin army, so thanks Martin.

It was very hot, but not as bad as I feared, and we were quite close to an open door on the first floor of Newbury Racecourse stand, so got the odd gentle zephyr to cool as down.

I managed to get away to do a bit of shopping.
From top left... some spears and a horse from Gripping Beast for a Bretonnia project. Box of flock and 6 bramble patches from The Last Valley, an old Osprey book with some lovely colour plates of jousting knights, 2 packs of Colonel Bill's ECW vignettes to paint for sale, 3 figures from a rummage box and some Wraiths from Crooked Dice.

So not too excessive. I left a bit earlier than Geoff to get home for my oldest son's 21st gift giving. It's his birthday on Monday but he has to be back at camp , so we shifted things forward a bit.

What better gift to give a Light Dragoon trooper, than a 1796 Light cavalry sabre?

Finally , I've added a few more painted groups to the Broadsword Miniatures page.

Tuesday 22 August 2023

Chaos Warrior Reference

 Just dumping a load of pictures gleaned from WD and Line Wolf publications for reference. All Chaos Warriors from Gary Chalk's collection. It's interesting to see the same figures popping up in different battles, sometimes changing sides in a truly chaotic manner.

Mr. Spiky shield appears as N'aarsh the undead champion in Thistlewood.

Monday 21 August 2023

Thistlewood Banners

 I've been finishing off a couple of flags to match those shown in the White Dwarf article.

First up the Black Uruks. I painted a banner for these a couple of years ago but decided I wanted to copy the one painted by Gary Chalk. I finally worked out the banner pole shown was a Dixon samurai yari with severed head cast on, so ordered one which came in record time.

The colours I chose are conjectural as I don't think I've ever seen this flag in colour, but I copies some of Gary Chalk's other illustrations with bold bright colours.

I'm also working on Lord Vassago's flag.

Thankfully the 2 pictures I can find of it show both sides.

I cheated here, by photocopying the black and white image and painting over it so the reverse of the flag is facing the wrong way, but although I'm pedantic, I'm all for an easy life and time is limited.

I just need to paint the standard bearer now who is undercoated and waiting.

Wednesday 26 July 2023


 I've just finished some medieval townsfolk for sale. Great fun to paint. Most of these are from Colonel Bill's which I picked up at Attack in Devizes last week.

I'll be out them up on the Broadsword Minis page of this blog and also on Instagram #broadswordpaintedminiatures

Saturday 8 July 2023


 Trying to drum up a bit of cash, I've been painting figures for sale. I've done this in the past with some success, so hopefully these will go. 

The bottom 2 pics are Footsore miniatures which are much more slender than traditional wargames figures, and this seems to be the trend at the moment. They were all fun to paint, and I think I enjoy painting to sell, more than for my own collection, because I don't get that feeling of guilt that I should be working .

Wednesday 28 June 2023


 I recently tested the Mythic World dwarf moulds I bought from East Riding Miniatures with some success. I'm renaming then Gnomes as they are diminutive even for dwarves. Initially they'll be sold as a mixed bag of 20 got £20 to work through the stock that came with the moulds.

20 assorted Gnomes for £20 ( plus postage) while stocks last. Please note you may get the odd duplicate, but I'll try and put in as much variety as I can.

Monday 19 June 2023


 I just need to add the gloss varnish to the water, and then add the flock promised from The Last Valley, and it's finished.

The reeds are pieces of doormat dipped in Citadel Ork flesh contrast paint,
then drybrushed. I painted in a few lily leaves as well.

Next project will hopefully be this tower from White Dwarf 53 , which I aim to have ready by September, the 40th anniversary of the Thistlewood battle in WD45.

Friday 16 June 2023


I'm just trying out a sample stretch of river. I'm looking to recreate a slow flowing English lowland river, so was looking for a browny green effect ( notto represent all the sewage being pumped into it😡 but I daresay it could).

A quick test piece with a wood next to it to give me an idea of what the banks will look like when flocked.