Tuesday 22 August 2023

Chaos Warrior Reference

 Just dumping a load of pictures gleaned from WD and Line Wolf publications for reference. All Chaos Warriors from Gary Chalk's collection. It's interesting to see the same figures popping up in different battles, sometimes changing sides in a truly chaotic manner.

Mr. Spiky shield appears as N'aarsh the undead champion in Thistlewood.

Monday 21 August 2023

Thistlewood Banners

 I've been finishing off a couple of flags to match those shown in the White Dwarf article.

First up the Black Uruks. I painted a banner for these a couple of years ago but decided I wanted to copy the one painted by Gary Chalk. I finally worked out the banner pole shown was a Dixon samurai yari with severed head cast on, so ordered one which came in record time.

The colours I chose are conjectural as I don't think I've ever seen this flag in colour, but I copies some of Gary Chalk's other illustrations with bold bright colours.

I'm also working on Lord Vassago's flag.

Thankfully the 2 pictures I can find of it show both sides.

I cheated here, by photocopying the black and white image and painting over it so the reverse of the flag is facing the wrong way, but although I'm pedantic, I'm all for an easy life and time is limited.

I just need to paint the standard bearer now who is undercoated and waiting.