Sunday 10 September 2023


 Just a roundup of things that have been happening.

It was Colours at Newbury Racecourse yesterday, and I took Broadsword Miniatures  to add to the Oakbound Studio stand. 

Geoff busy with a customer.

I had my best day trading ever, mainly thanks to Martin Hackett ( author of the old Fantasy Wargaming book) buying a large goblin army, so thanks Martin.

It was very hot, but not as bad as I feared, and we were quite close to an open door on the first floor of Newbury Racecourse stand, so got the odd gentle zephyr to cool as down.

I managed to get away to do a bit of shopping.
From top left... some spears and a horse from Gripping Beast for a Bretonnia project. Box of flock and 6 bramble patches from The Last Valley, an old Osprey book with some lovely colour plates of jousting knights, 2 packs of Colonel Bill's ECW vignettes to paint for sale, 3 figures from a rummage box and some Wraiths from Crooked Dice.

So not too excessive. I left a bit earlier than Geoff to get home for my oldest son's 21st gift giving. It's his birthday on Monday but he has to be back at camp , so we shifted things forward a bit.

What better gift to give a Light Dragoon trooper, than a 1796 Light cavalry sabre?

Finally , I've added a few more painted groups to the Broadsword Miniatures page.