Saturday 11 May 2019


A flying post as my mojo arrived back last night after a long excursion. For some reason I was seized with the idea to paint up some cheapo orcs and start a "traditional" Warhammer army. I have picked up plastic orcs very cheaply here and there with a vague idea of doing something with them and splashed some paint onto a test figure

all in all he took about 40 minutes following the suggestions on the excellent blog HOBGOBLINRY. The author JC (?) is a master painter with a great attitude to speed painting, which end in stunning results, and I have tried following his sage advice. The main aim was to bang through the figure using block painting, a drybrush and washes. I allowed myself one highlight on the eyes and skin. I am still undecided on how to do the bases, but this fellow has some excellent. premixed scatter from OAKBOUND STUDIOS

This orc is the first of The Gubbins Family, a tribe on cannibal orcs who dwell Grimstock Wood. The rest of his regiment awaits undercoating. The premise is to do the force as cheaply as possible and these guys cost £4 for 17 at Reveille last year.

Also being painted for son 3 is this 40K abomination, a Slaaneshi Noise Marine he got for his birthday. Having found this plastic figure cost £20!!!! I feel under some pressure to at least try and do a decent job. I do quite like the glam rock stacked heels and the gun mounted in the guitar.