Friday 24 January 2020


I had to post briefly about the sad death of my favourite Python, Terry Jones

Hilarious chap and brilliant medieval historian and of course screenwriter of Labyrinth. Obviously there are the well known Monty Python sketches which spring to mind, but for me the scene that captured his humour and medieval interest was from his TV series Crusades, in which he attempts to interview the descendant of a goose which led one of the pilgrimages to the Holy Land. RIP Mr. Jones.  

Monday 13 January 2020


I'm a keen follower of Ana Polancsak's Garden of Hecate blogspot and over Christmas she posted about an offer on her sculpts which are produced by Harwood Hobbies in Canada. I took the opportunity to grab a few of the curious creatures that have emerged from the Gardens and they arrived in record time.

A couple of signposts , a demon snail, a 2 legged demi- buer, a custodian (  I see this as a helpful undead entity), a woodwose (which will be featuring in a D & D adventure), a Bosch style imp, a horse headed bloodfiend and another imp. Also some animal skulls.

These are the sort of creatures I wished were available when I was in my early teens and spent hours poring over books of paintings by Hieronymous Bosch and the like. If you like weird, support Ana by buying some of her figures.

Saturday 11 January 2020


I managed to get a few more units done for the Toyhammer army.
The Knights of the Purple Pim. I started these about 10 years ago, Citadel Bretonnian knights converted to become Swan Knights of Dol Amroth, and they languished unfinished in a box until a couple of weeks ago. I hope they have a successful career in King Lodwick's Toyhammer army.

Some spearmen. These are playing pieces from an old board game called Lionheart. I bought 3 copies at next to nothing (check European ebay sites for good deals). Very basic detail which suits the feel of the army.

More Lionheart pieces. Some serfs to act as a speedbump.

I hope to introduce King Lodwick himself soon.