Saturday 25 December 2021


 Hope you're all having a jolly Christmas/Yule/Saturday etc. In the true spirit of the ghost of Christmas to come giving a salutory warning against the perils of leadrot, I thought I'd post pics of a unit that came into my possession recently from the collection of the late and very wonderful Joe Dever. 

The green Hobgoblins in action in one of Joe's battles about 1986. 

The remaining survivors of theft and Nurgle's rot.

The diseased and crumbling victims .

Poor Throgg has a nasty skin condition.

More leprous goblinoids waiting to be replaced.

I've got replacement figures ready to be painted to match the survivors (which are done inks I think) so hopefully they will be able to take the field again at full strength which is about 50 figures.

Enjoy the rest of the day.