Sunday 13 April 2014


The fantasy gaming boat is being re-floated in my world as I start to paint some non-glossy figures again (for really old school shinyness see my Conan blog ) as well as running a new dungeon for my 2 older sons to explore. I say new, new to them, the excellent The Licheway from White Dwarf 10 (so far the attrition rate is high with a dead thief and druid littering the corridors).

A bonus of pulling out the old WD's is the chance to scan over the letters pages and chortle at the arguments that seemed so important then. Of course it's easy to look back and laugh with hindsight and I mean no disrespect to the author of this letter from White Dwarf 30 from April/May 1982

Dear WD
could you please not start up a department devoted to micro-computers without even taking an opinion poll because I am sure the majority of White Dwarf readers do not possess micro-computers.
For instance no-one in our D&D group of about 5 people has the slightest inclination to buy a micro-computer for seventy pounds which is practically useless unless you buy extra 'chips' to increase its performance and price. 

Personally, I think a department on the subject would be a waste of space and money. I hope others feel the same.

R J Leedham

well Mr. Leedham, they certainly do (or did). I had no interest in computers back then and rapidly got bored with the family ZX Spectrum, an antipathy which has lasted into middle age. Still it has to be said Mr Leedham was a little off the mark.

Friday 11 April 2014


Maybe old news to a lot of Oldhammer readers, but I found this potted history of Citadel and Foundry fascinating (scroll down a bit for the info)

working on a raiding force of Dwarves at the moment to crew my ship, so hopefully will be posting them soon.