Monday 26 August 2019


Frenetic work continues to get this army completed by the end of the month. Once the attic had cooled down last night I started on these 2 bolt shooters and finished building them this morning.
They are made of bits of dowel , balsa and foil  I had  knocking about on the bench. Coated with plastic putty they look a bit messy at the moment but will paint up to match the catapult in the last post. I splashed out on the bases which are pennies. Starting on the crew next. 

Sunday 25 August 2019

SKINTHAMMER CHALLENGE.... Old Knopper the catapult

Yes, 2 posts in a day!! It's simply too hot in the attic to do anything, so most of us have been lounging in the sitting room which is the coolest room in the house. An upside of this is the family actually sit down together and talk to each other.... not something that tends to happen much. Oldest boy passed his 9 GCSE's with flying colours so is bound for my Alma Mater to study Countryside Conservation and Management for a year and then forestry. Middle son also passed his Grade 4 Folk Violin with distiction, so there is a certain sense of jubilation (and relief) reigning here at the moment.

Old Knopper started off as a battered ELC toy catapult picked up in a charity shop for 10p, that looked like this.....

I cut the side shields off and covered up the damage with garden string. More garden string was added to the firing arm and round an added dowel roller. A firing lever was added to the dowel as well. 

I added a cross brace at the front, and then a Green Man pendant I picked up in Glastonbury a while back. Some green stuff knots and burrs were added and them copious amounts of Vallejo plastic putty to make the whole model look more organic. Then I covered the whole thing with 2 coats of the brilliant Citadel Typhus Corrosion which softened the plastic edges even more and gave the smooth plastic a bark like natural texture.

The missiles are acorns believe it or not , from a garden I work in. They have been been infected by the splendidly named Knopper Gall Wasp which lays it's eggs in the acorn causing the gall. The acorns warp into a wonderfully Froudian shape. I just gave the dried acorns a wash with Seraphim Sepia. The plan is that each missile houses a nasty little Gubbins which will hatch out and start attacking the nearest enemy.

The crew below were finds from the comic book convention. From left to right a citadel Orc, the middle porcine chap is an unknown make (I am calling him Roly) and the whipmaster is Uncle Frank we have met already.

Total cost of Old Knopper and 2 of the crew was £3.10 bring the total to £25.01p. £4.99 to spend on something rather fun.


Lambkin is Mother Gubbins' first born and the apple of her bloodshot eye. He tends not to live with the rest of the clan, but burrows deep into the moss found on the moors close to the Gubbins' lair. From there he raids nearby villages,  using his great height and long extendable arms to open and lean in through bedroom windows to seize the sleeping occupant.

Lambkin is a plastic figure from Caesar's box of 1/72 Fantasy Adventurers, and as I pinched him out of the kids toybox he was technically free. Sorry about the terrible photos... combination of rushing using my phone, and not being able to see the picture very well on the small screen. Once I upload it to the laptop, I can see the blurring and other mishaps.

Total spent so far £21.91p 

Friday 23 August 2019

SKINTHAMMER CHALLENGE... The Lungwort Brothers and Standard Bearers completed

The Lungwort Brothers are sentient collections of lichen animated by Mother Gubbins who dotes on them. More cheap boardgame figures, painted in a trice. I may go back and redo them at some stage as I wasn't too happy with them.
The Gubbins infantry standard bearers came out a bit better

I was pleased with the standard first ever bit of sculpting with green stuff and Vallejo plastic putty (I really like the latter) over a copper wire. More stuff in the pipeline to be finished by the end of the month!!

Sunday 11 August 2019


Another cheapo/skinflint unit painted for the aforementioned Sprinks Challenge. The Aunts of the Gubbins family.

These will count as Savage Orcs in 3rd ed. Warhammer. They are pieces from a boardgame purchased at Devizes Attack 30p each, bringing the total spent so far to an eye watering £20.11p

Very quick blocking, drybrush and wash, followed by spattering (which I enjoy).