Thursday 21 November 2013


Here is an interesting figure. I got this in about 1975 from a newsagent in Morecambe, Lancashire, where my Grandmother lived. At the local newsagent, there was a box of various monsters (2 others I have/had are a wingless red dragon standing on it's hind legs and a sort or green concertina like lizard) and I was already showing promise by buying one each time I went with my Dad to get the paper.

It's clearly the same as the Bulette illustration from the Monster Manual, but in production before the book was published

Having typed this, I have just found this fascinating thread in which one of the inventors of D and D (presumably Dave Arneson) explains that Gary Gygax based the monsters on the plastic figures. Answered my own conundrum thanks to the wonders of the internet.


More figures for the King's army, the Imperial Guard
figures by Garrison

I popped up to Warfare at Reading which was a very good show, and managed to bag a box of 1970'S Ral Partha figures and a Fantasy Tribes Troll (50p!!) at the Bring and Buy. It was nice to see old figures like this still appearing among the mountains of Space Marines and Newhammer detritus.

Saturday 9 November 2013


More of the King's army finished and based. The loyal Dwarfs and Elves.
Dwarfs by Garrison, sporting a traditional Dwarf standard, so I can use them in LOTR games.

Elves by Minifigs, finished last year but rebased to fit in with other MDF warbases.