Monday 17 March 2014


I enjoyed making this model back along. I think I based the chariot on one in White Dwarf by a French gamer who had an eternal champion character in a chariot like this. It was an inspirational article anyhow

I never did name this fellow, all barbaric sounding names are welcome if you would like to have a go at naming him.

(an unfortunate empire dude)

Sunday 9 March 2014


Some Chaos footsloggers here, counting as marauders with hand weapons the few times I played Warhammer with them.

The sixteen figure unit on movement tray

Drummer, and warriors . I think the sword maiden on the right is a Keltos figure. The spiky helmet comes from an early Chaos warrior set.

Some warlords. The banner will be familiar to Sabbath fans.

I like to give a lot of my warriors their own back banners, but it can make ranking them up difficult, still they can look more scary carting around an impractical framework of wood and rags.

Saturday 1 March 2014


I normally come on this blog if I need advice or just want a good moan. Now blogger seems to have removed the facility to upload pictures from my computer. They keep messing about with things and quite frankly I am getting really p****d off with it. I don't have a lot of time and the rare occasion I get my act together to actually post something I want to be able to do it without hassle. In a nutshell I am feeling as if the blogs are more trouble than they are worth. I'M ANGRY AND NOT VERY GOOD WITH TECHNICAL STUFF .