Sunday 10 September 2023


 Just a roundup of things that have been happening.

It was Colours at Newbury Racecourse yesterday, and I took Broadsword Miniatures  to add to the Oakbound Studio stand. 

Geoff busy with a customer.

I had my best day trading ever, mainly thanks to Martin Hackett ( author of the old Fantasy Wargaming book) buying a large goblin army, so thanks Martin.

It was very hot, but not as bad as I feared, and we were quite close to an open door on the first floor of Newbury Racecourse stand, so got the odd gentle zephyr to cool as down.

I managed to get away to do a bit of shopping.
From top left... some spears and a horse from Gripping Beast for a Bretonnia project. Box of flock and 6 bramble patches from The Last Valley, an old Osprey book with some lovely colour plates of jousting knights, 2 packs of Colonel Bill's ECW vignettes to paint for sale, 3 figures from a rummage box and some Wraiths from Crooked Dice.

So not too excessive. I left a bit earlier than Geoff to get home for my oldest son's 21st gift giving. It's his birthday on Monday but he has to be back at camp , so we shifted things forward a bit.

What better gift to give a Light Dragoon trooper, than a 1796 Light cavalry sabre?

Finally , I've added a few more painted groups to the Broadsword Miniatures page.


  1. Maybe next year I'll get to go. I'm glad you had a good trading day.

    1. Took me by surprise a bit...I had 2 good sales. It's quite a pleasant show, although I think footfall was down a bit this year.

  2. Sounds like a good day! I have Martin Hackett's book on the shelves - good to hear he's still active - goblins for the win I say (well entertaining defeat anyway :)) Great present you gave your boy - he looks well pleased - also a little dangerous!

    1. He looks scary, but is a big softy. He's off on jungle training next week, so that sword may prove useful.

  3. Was great to see you. Missed you at the last few events. Which left an empty space!

    Yours faithfully.
    The colours Ninja.

  4. Loving my war machines I bought from you also.

    Gonna get them painted and posted on News From Hell Before Breakfast. My mum and my reader are going to love them!

  5. Looking forward to seeing them painted..... only kidding.