Wednesday 20 February 2013


The latest ripple in the Oldhammer ocean is a challenge by Erny to choose an anthem to announce the entrance of your Oldhammer army as it sends all fleeing before it. As usual I found it impossible to pin it down to one track.

11 years ago I rediscovered my love of heavy metal (or in other words had my midlife crisis) as well as playing with fantasy armies and collected a GW marauder army, which had this track playing every time it took the field

If I were gaming with an Empire, er, I mean Men of the West Army (such as King Amias' force from Thistlewood) then it would have to be this by the greatest metal singer of all time, the late great R J Dio with Black Sabbath

Undead, then this (without the spandex)

Hairy Norse, then this (fantastic band live, check out the synchronised headbanging).

Note the Horned God symbol made popular among metallers by Dio in the 70's (his gypsy granny taught him how to do it apparently), still in use here among 21st century metallers. Makes me wish I still had hair (any hair, let alone long hair)

But overall it would have to be this, back to Dio singing with Sabbath, my all time favourite metal song. Slow start, so skip to 1.29 for the gravelly intro to the main tune if you are in a hurry.....


  1. I've got all the albums those came off (the Sabbath ones both CD and original vinyl, such is my love for them) excepting Amon Amarth, of whom I've only got the debut album. Also I've got the Conan the Barbarian soundtrack, not the 'metal version'. Solid choice my friend!

    1. Great stuff Gareth, the metal brotherhood lives on. Amon Amarth are really good, With Oden on our Side and Fate of Norns are cracking albums. I too love the Conan soundtrack, there is nothing else like it.

  2. There is a playlist and a half! I didn't track back to sabbath because for some reason I associate warhammer with NWOBM

    1. I have never come across the phrase NWOBM until this thread started up on our blogs, it's all metal to me. For me, after Maiden it all began to go tits up and thrashy which I didn't really like. The latest incarnation incorporating folk and legends and the like is excellent. Waylander, Amon Amarth, Korpiklaani, Finntroll, Ensiferum (latter has to be Warhammer influenced)well worth listening to.