Monday 4 February 2013


Hope this isn't getting too monotonous, I am working on some plastic dwarfs as well and have managed to pick up some old GW elves as well which I hope to turn into something much more sinister, but in the meantime here is the first entry in the Monster Manual, the Aerial Servant. Yes, they are invisible but this is such a fun figure from Citadel (Fantasy Specials range I think, or perhaps the short lived  Weird Fantasy range) I had to repaint it, trying to make the china on the tray look like Cath Kidston stuff (which is everywhere now, so why not in dungeons).

The weak spot of the figure was at the base and this one was about to break. I added a hefty blob of superglue and then some accelerator which hardened it nicely and made the weak spot much stronger. I can imagine this chap floating along beside his wizard master, ready to serve tiffin.


  1. He's a really nice little model - a ghostly Jeeves, perhaps?

  2. A superb paint job upon a lovely figure!
    Any wizard having him is fortunate indeed.

  3. Great paint job and a fun old figure! And no, it's not getting monotonous. I do enjoy it...even thinking about doing something similar myself...I've got a basket of D&D monsters and adventurers that I really need to get started on...