Monday 14 June 2021


 Recently inspired by Instagram posts on the Grimdark miniature movements Turnip28 and Weald28, I thought I'd have a go at doing some very basic assembly and kit bashing of plastic figures... something I've always shied away from doing.  

As it turned out kit bashing is very different to assembling straight models, because it really doesn't matter if there's a gap or surfeit if glue... Especially if you are going to paint in the manner of the 2 groups above where everything is covered in mud and moss anyway!

I've long wanted to do a small project following British Mythology mixing it with my own ideas, so who better to start with than Brutus of Troy, first king of Britain. Brutus is a mysterious figure invented by medieval historians ( notably Geoffrey of Monmouth) to tie in known British history of the time with the mythology of both the classics and the Bible. Exiled from Troy for accidentally killing his father, after various adventures he ends up on the shores of giant infested Albion, landing at Totnes in Devon. I'll elaborate further when (if) I get the figures painted, but here's the work so far.

I enjoyed sticking the Perry Wars of the Roses  figures together, they are very well designed. From left to right...  standard man at arms but with a hoplite shield, man at arms with a Victrix muscled cuirass and plume added , Rogue miniatures Mordred who I might use for Brutus although the armour is so iconic could it only be Mordred from Excalibur? Thoughts in the comments please if you can. Finally if I use the Mordred figure I'll leave him as he is and have a shield bearer to do his defending for him. Let me know what you think. 


  1. That is certainly different!

  2. Very unique , the round shields suit them .

    1. Yes, I was surprised how well they looked with medieval figures.

  3. Very interesting ideas on the go. I did some turnip based kit bashing last year and really enjoyed it but lost interest, a tad too grim in the end for me.
    The figures have a unique, almost mythic quality to them and I will be interested to see how they paint up. The Mordred figure is so iconic ( lovely figure he is btw) that I personally find it very hard to see him as anyone else. Perhaps a grim dark painting and shield bearer will make him into some one else or maybe give Mordred a shield and different weapon? Who will the opposing side be , Giants? Fascinating to see this all coming together.

  4. I might have a go at painting Mordred/Brutus in full grey armour like my test figure and see how he looks. I'm being drawn to all this dark folksy stuff... but I have limits about how gribbly I go.