Monday 6 February 2017


Well it's been a while for various reasons, none terribly exciting fortunately. My oldest son Robin (14) inveigled me into a game of Frostgrave last night which was good fun. I'm not a great fan of skirmish games in general (they all seem the same to me) but it has to be said he had done a great job making all the terrain and preparing the figures. Here are a few shots of the table and his figures

Some scratchbuilt buildings

The Liche Lord

Gothicky pillars. The dragon is from a box of cheap toys found in The Works budget shop. 

A demon floortrap (pilfered from my bits box)

Skellies, cobbled together from leftover sprues.

Robin was short of skulls, so he ingeniously used some of these extra bits.... freaky eh?

Mix of skellies. The standard bearer is a rather nice figure from Warrior miniatures.

Robin's warband. The bishop is the wizard.

More warriors.

All in all a great set up. Frostgrave has certainly captured his imagination. I'll post my old Mordheim warband next which we used as cultists in the game.


  1. I am chilled to the bone reading this even with the radiator two feet away. Great ingenuity and figures too.Splendid work Robin!

  2. I am really rather impressed by your sons work.