Saturday 15 June 2013


...a Waterboys song if I remember. Here is the morale boosting musician for my barbarians, the drum made from a plant food scoop and tomato puree tube skin with lentil rivets.

strangely as I was typing this post my wife and her friend started singing The Whole of the Moon by the Waterboys from the other room.


  1. I see the Tolkien Bestiary at the side- one of my faves which I still have.
    Fantastic drummer conversion.When I first saw the piccie I thought of the cauldron in the tower in the conan film filled with yucky things.
    A few years ago the Waterboys came to Dunfermline but alas I could not go. I'm a big fan and would love to see them one day.
    No offence meant but the comment re your wife reminded me of Fr Noel Barry and his youth group singing in Fr Ted.
    I am certain that your wife and her friend's version was great.

  2. Haha - Noel Barry singing the Water Boys was brilliant! I was never that familiar with the band but have a few faves - Medicine Bow was a good one too.

    Cracking job on the drum - I obviously need to eat more Spag Bol and get making stuff with the tomato puree foil!

    1. The Waterboys were definetly of their time and to me, sound a bit tinny now, but they played a major part in my life during the early 90's.

      I like finding bits and bobs to use. At one time many Oldhammer flags were made of foil I think.

  3. What a great centrepiece Springinsfeld!! I'm enjoying your posts about your Barbarian army very much, although I'm itching to see the whole force altogether! Fantastic stuff. Crom! And side one of the Waterboys' Fisherman Blues was/is a favourite of my wife and I.