Thursday 27 February 2014

MAD BARKI THE SHAMAN (warning - gory model)

Here's Mad Barki the magician model in my Warhammer type army, complete with victim and his familiar Snaffles. In my army the warping effect of Chaos simply makes most of the affected warriors grow bigger, but Snaffles shrank.

Not sure why I painted this poor guy blue. Perhaps to show he's cold (as well as very dead). I don't normally go in for really bloody stuff like this so must have been having an off day.

Barki is a Citadel flagellant with zombie arms, the tree is from Asgard and the other characters are made up of bits and pieces.


  1. Great piece! Nice job on his face and beard, especially!

  2. Great stuff - very evil looking. Nice to see the old Asgard Sacrificial Tree. /Hans

  3. Great vignette. I like the contrast between the hair/fur and the grey base.