Saturday 1 March 2014


I normally come on this blog if I need advice or just want a good moan. Now blogger seems to have removed the facility to upload pictures from my computer. They keep messing about with things and quite frankly I am getting really p****d off with it. I don't have a lot of time and the rare occasion I get my act together to actually post something I want to be able to do it without hassle. In a nutshell I am feeling as if the blogs are more trouble than they are worth. I'M ANGRY AND NOT VERY GOOD WITH TECHNICAL STUFF .


  1. I've just done a test on mine and it was working fine.
    I hope you get sorted soon, please don't give up on the blogs.


  2. Every once in a while that setting gets mixed up or re-set somehow. It has happened to Private Weird and me before. You just have to hit the right button and it sorts itself out.

  3. Hey Springinsfeld,

    Yes, I feel your frustration! As Mouse had written, the same thing happened to me about a year ago. One day the Browse option just simply disappeared. I wasted quite a lot of time trying to figure it out, and like you I have little ability and tolerance for computer/technical/gadget stuff so I just tossed the whole blogging thing down the toilet for a few months. But then one day, the Browse Button just came back and I was able to upload pictures from my computer again. I still don't know what happened but I do know that it does happen. So good luck with it and I hope that soon all will come back 'cause you have a really great blog and it would be a shame to see it disappear! By the way, I was just listening to that Bo Hansson album last week! Moogtastic it is!

  4. Thanks fellows for your support and empathy. The Gods of Blog have granted me a reprieve from casting myself into the void of reality and my picture button has returned. I will post tonight to celebrate.