Sunday, 8 May 2016


Here's the thief Foro Malas who started the whole affair at Thistlewood, by pinching the Chalice of Landemar. He hides the chalice in the village and then proceeds to murder the mayor/local wizard Polias.

Here he is about to sneak into the wizards tower.A Citadel thief from the very early 80's. I painted him up to look like Seward the thief from Robin of Sherwood in the episode Seven Poor Knights from Acre. 

Pictured below being interviewed by Ray Winstone.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016


I think these are the last figures that needed painting for my Thistlewood project,  but of course there could be endless tweaking. I could paint up a more imposing Lord Vassago, and get 30 Minifigs Knights of the Silver Rose to act as Baron Galen's cavalry, but I'm finished really. In the scenario, various houses in Thistlewood contain either terrified of belligerent inhabitants, and in one case, a mad dog.

Back in 1983, there were surprisingly few villager and civilian figures available as far as I could make out at the time. The bulk of the figures here are Hinchliffe and Citadel.

The villagers flee with their baggage and pets (all Hinchliffe)

Others discuss the sightings of Lord Vassago's evil horde (Hinchliffe and Citadel)

The Village elders, rich and poor (Citadel and Essex)

The shepherds fierce dog is out of control (Hinchliffe and Citadel dog)

The landlord of the inn and his family prepare to batten down the hatches and hope the King's troops reach them first (all Citadel)

Other townsfolk mill about (Hinchliffe and Citadel)

Meanwhile, braver souls arms themselves to repel orcs and undead. (Hinchliffe and Asgard)
These militia are also part of my budding Lion Rampant Robin of Sherwood project, Wolfshead Rampant, soon to appear on my other blog

Thursday, 31 March 2016


My oldest son has been seduced big time by Frostgrave...we haven't played a game yet (my fault) but he has constructed an entire board of ruined buildings off his own bat, both scratchbuilt and purchased. I'll be posting a picture of these soon, but in the meantime let me introduce my warband.

Professor Grunkasse we have met BEFORE, he of the lunar head. The Professor is an elementalist, but an elementalist with a difference. He believes there is a fifth element as yet proven to be one of the essential components of the world....... CHEESE! In his lighthouse on the east coast of Gonchovia, the Prof. has been labouring to find a source of the rarest cheese in the world.... Greencheese , or Mooncheese. It is known that the moon is made of this rare substance and he believes that if he can find a supply on terra firma he will be able to prove his theories and become the first and greatest cheesomancer the world has seen. Legends whisper of  a lost city that lies in a hidden valley somewhere in the not noticed mountains between the lands of the Pewter Moon dwarves and those of the Wild Woods of the Owl Elves. The city of Grasslichauch was famed for it's fromagers who it is believed had a way of duplicating the subtle textures of Mooncheese. Professor Grunkasse believes that somewhere in the city he will find a supply and so set himself on the path to cheese glory.
The Prof. usually allies with the Pewter Moon dwarves, but they are reluctant to enter the city of Grasslichauch which they believe to be under the thrall of the Crimson King. So he has assembled a band of followers, all eager for a slice of cheese. You may notice that all items that are usually metal are in fact fashioned from hardened green cheese. This avoids metallurgic reactions with any of the Professors spells.

Here is Grunkasse again, with his apprentice Rennet. Rennet is eager to learn the mysteries of Elementalism and carries a hefty cheeseknife at all times.

The Earl of Jarlsburg on the right (templar) and his brother Balaton (barbarian).

the shifty brothers Cam and Bert (thug and thief)

Boursin, the trusty crossbowman

and the treasure tokens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lots of lovely cheese for the adventurers to find among the ruins.

unless others get there first. Son 1  is assembling a rattish warband, perhaps based on the rats in The Box of Delights.

One of my signatures, I often have a random hand sticking out of the ground.

More cheeses!.

The figures are Citadel and Asgard, and the cheeses from a dolls house supplier on ebay.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016


An unusual terrain piece for Thistlewood...the tomb of the cursed Lord Pellion. I wanted to create a formal clipped hedge affair, so I used painted pan scrubs for the hedges. The statues and tomb itself are old Citadel pieces from the Fantasy Specials range.

 The sarcophagus contains the bones of Lord Pellion, and his magic sword, which has an unfortunate effect on anyone picking it up. All undead within 60" are instantly attracted to it and try and impale themselves on the sword, added to which it's a -2 blade. to hit as well. I'm looking forward to my players finding this out when I run the game.

Thursday, 17 March 2016


Here at last is King Amias, flanked by Baron Galen and Bishop Milendon,  The king is in enamelled white armour to show his piety, and his +1 sword is glowing with a holy blue shimmer.

Baron Galen is an old Citadel Paladin, the King is from the boxed set Goodly Knights of Law, and the Bish is an Essex figure...all available in 1983.

edit. I've just noticed, after looking at the picture, all 3 have crosses on their faces, 2 as visor openings and the Bishop in gold...what a Godly lot they are.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016


I'm not sure why King Amias is listed as having an Imperial Guard, but they are a crack unit in the army. I had these chaps lying unused in an old shoebox and they seemed to fit the bill. I think they are very old Minifigs, with cast in spears, but I can't remember where I bought them. I only need 10, but as there were 12 figures, it seemed a bit churlish to leave 2 unpainted.

Sorry posts are a bit thin on the ground recently....just busy with family life!

Saturday, 6 February 2016


These have been on the blog before, but I have rebased them old school style. More and more I am preferring plain bases on these older figures....after all they are only to give the correct frontage and keep the figure up. Too much flummery detracts from the figure methinks. Plain flock is ok, but I've seen figures that look as if they are walking in an herbaceous border in full flower.

The dwarfs are sporting classic Tolkien heraldry as befits 70's figures.

All figures by Garrison I lament their recent closing.