Friday 14 February 2014


I've just finished painting a new backdrop for my forthcoming Conan and Lord of the Rings projects  on the reverse of my more rural 18c countryside backdrop.
A distant mountain range with a lilac sky (many good fantasy skies appear to be this colour)

Frazetta's Conan in battle with Frost Giants

Safe and Sound on the Sundial by Rodney Matthews (I have this poster on the attic door)

I also did a couple of desert backdrops too, as I hope to start painting some Stygians soon.

Here's how the backdrops stay up. They are made of 3mm MDF

the other more rural side

they come apart for easy storage (or at least are meant too, but the feet get a bit stuck sometimes).
I need to make some fantasy terrain now in a Swords and Sorcery style.


  1. Well done. I have good success taking pics of figures isolated against a plain backdrop but have been wanting, the past year, to take diorama-type pictures of the figures in their native environments, and so have been wanting to make some backdrops myself. I took my first diorama-type shots last week in some caverns I had to hand, but for outdoor shots I will have to bite the bullet and try something like this. Probably something more modest to start, maybe 12 x 8" panel to start, for some closely cropped scenes.

    Anyway, I hope to see some scenes shot against these in the future!

    1. Thanks Spooktalker, I always enjoy your pictures and appreciate the effort you put into not only painting the figures but the lighting etc. I'm afraid I tend to think any old photo will do as I always find myself short of time when it comes to anything technical (cameras, computers, wheels etc) .

  2. Those are superb! Obviously some real craftsmanship went into 'em. Can't wait to see what scenery you devise too.

  3. Really cool. I've been needing something like this for a long time. I have a cheap print of Matthew's The Citadel, which I've used as a backdrop now and then, and it looks great, but I need to get serious. This is a really good idea.

  4. Great work and so interesting to see construction etc.
    I think something like this would really show off my Mythical Earth Minifig collection. I will have to get to work...

  5. They are very, very nice, I made some about 25 years ago but they were dreadful, I may have another go, though.