Monday 24 February 2014


It's a Monster Manual Monday. I have a touch of The Black Dog so appropriately today it's the turn of the Hellhound

2 Hellhounds from the Citadel Fiend Factory range. I always thought they looked rather friendly myself.

Quite often I look at other peoples blogs and painting and want to cry because their stuff is so much better than mine. Better painted, better pictures and just....better. However I am continually inspired by the incredibly talented Spooktalker over at Belched from the Depths . Just take a look at his treatment of the Minifigs Hobgoblins. Charming but static old school figures made wonderful. After seeing pictures like these I am always filled with vim and vigour to lift a paintbrush again.


  1. Keep fighting the good fight - these look great!

    Didn't Spooktalker do a rather fine job on some old Grenadier Lizardmen too not so long ago - definitely inspirational stuff.

    I also agree that these chaps do look rather friendly - the pose isn't a million miles away from the lolloping gait of my often over-excited Labradors!

    1. Let's hope your pooches don't breath fire. Yes Spooktalker's Lizardmen were rather splendid...he's a talented guy.

  2. Great work! Monster Manuel Monday nearly always introduces me to miniatures I've never seen before so besides providing some "eye-candy" you may also consider this occasional series an education as far as this reader is concerned.