Monday 7 January 2013


The plan is every Monday I will post up a picture of a creature from the Monster Manual that I have painted that week. I was hoping to run the beasties alphabetically but my Aerial Servant is still waiting to be undercoated so we will kick off with the OWLBEAR

I have seen a few Owlbear figures since getting back into D & D , but this old chap remains my favourite. He is by Asgard Miniatures, and I bought him in 1981 from a shop in Bristol called Forever People. He was painted gloss brown and yellow, but an application of Mr. Muscle Oven cleaner stripped him nicely ready for repainting. I was going to hold fire with this post until I had got a black cloth and made some new dungeon floorplans, but that could have taken ages, so I dug out my old GW  floorplans which will have to suffice for the moment.

If all goes well by the end of the year, I should have at least 52 Monster figures painted (unless I am distracted by other projects!)


  1. What a splendid figure,quite scary in a charming sort of way.
    I think Monster Monday is a superb plan for you and a jolly start to the week for the rest of us. I look forward to being reacquainted with some old favourites.
    best wishes

  2. Great stuff. I'm looking forward to watching this project progress.

  3. A fantastic idea! Very fun, and Mr. Owl Bear looks great!