Monday, 28 January 2013


I'm just about managing to finish a couple of figures a week at the moment and had a dose of some nasty sickness bug last Wednesday and Thurdsay which hung about putting me of my grub until today . Nothing too monstrous today, but these chaps were often a staple wandering monster in my early dungeoneering days, although why beserkers should be wandering around an underground maze was never asked. These are Grenadier figures by Mark Copplestone who seems to have a penchant for barbarians and the like (he's recently released some nice 15mm barbarians).


  1. Can't beat some flame-haired berserker-types for a subterranean brawl! On the subject of Copplestone, 15mm fantasy - as in large battles - is something I want to approach at some point this year, after I've got all my current fantasy stuff painted.