Tuesday, 22 March 2016


An unusual terrain piece for Thistlewood...the tomb of the cursed Lord Pellion. I wanted to create a formal clipped hedge affair, so I used painted pan scrubs for the hedges. The statues and tomb itself are old Citadel pieces from the Fantasy Specials range.

 The sarcophagus contains the bones of Lord Pellion, and his magic sword, which has an unfortunate effect on anyone picking it up. All undead within 60" are instantly attracted to it and try and impale themselves on the sword, added to which it's a -2 blade. to hit as well. I'm looking forward to my players finding this out when I run the game.


  1. Most effective. A pan scourer maze suggests itself to me...

  2. Pan scourers for the win! Used some myself for the scenery for Orc's Drift - very effective.

    Love the sound of that magic weapon - might have to borrow that idea for one of my games...