Thursday 21 February 2013


One of the few advantages of working weekends is that you get a day off in the week when the kids are at school,so instead of the usual dashing about trying to do chores I normally fill my Thursday with, I thought "sod it" and decided to plan out what terrain I had or needed to refight the Thistlewood scenarion in WD45.

Here is the map from the article

and the nice little black and white picture that illustrated the page with the map on, I spent hours back in 1983 staring at this picture with a magnifying glass trying to work out what figures were what. There are more troops than in the army lists that's for sure.

and my terrain so far. This is just a mock up, and the buildings may be re-painted, as will the roads etc. I need to make a wizards tower (or buy one), some hills and a walled tomb area among other things but it's a start. The original battle was fought on a 4' x 8' table but my mancave is only big enough for a 4' x 6' so it looks a bit compressed

Should I get a GW battlemat, or one of the old fashioned flock railway mats?


  1. I have a battle mat you can have gratis. They're definitively superior to roll-up mats as they can be folded and don't really crease.

    The set-up is looking very good. I've never seen WD45, but always have always enjoyed Joe Dever's articles in the old issue I do own.

    1. Gee whiz, that is so kind of you Gareth, I will certainly take you up on the offer, nd maybe I have some figures you are after I can send. Mail me hearthweruATgmailDOTcom, and we can swap addresses. I have been wondering" should I get one" for ages, so it's worked out well.

  2. Enjoyable post,great table and splendid set up!
    I hope the mat works well.
    I am often delighted by the generous fellow bloggers we blog with.
    Warhammer 2nd ed arrived & was collected by my wife from the post office today.Looks good on first impressions this evening...