Monday 11 February 2013


A distracting week, as I have been drooling over various Oldhammer blogs thinking "wouldn't it be nice to do some old style Warhammer units", but then looking on ebay at old figures, plenty of people seem to have the same idea and prices are getting high. I have been making some progress assembling my dwarf cavalry and done a little painting.

Here is some staple sword fodder for the dungeon, Goblins by Grenadier. I picked this group up on ebay US and I rather like their sneaky look (for some reason they remind me of the Imps of  Autumn from the old Rupert Bear annuals, no wonder I always found the stories a bit creepy). I went for reds and ochres for the skin as per the Monster Manual description. I have never liked green goblins anyhow, red, yellow, blue yes, but green.....nope. My idea of goblins generally is a bit more ugly and lumpen than these, more like the old Fiend Factory ones. I have a batch of those to paint for my Oldhammer Thistlewood project too.

Despite having a new camera, my pics don't seem to be any better, which leads me to the conclusion I am cack handed at photographing figures. Any tips from better photographers would be much appreciated.


  1. Great looking figures and I do indeed see the impish similarity.

  2. I love that set. I have the guy near the middle of the group with the axe and shield. He is going to be in my first Warhammer Goblin regiment. Photographing minis is tricky but fun. I have a little Pentax Optio that I bought years ago and it has put in good service for me so far. It has a nice macro-focus option and that's about the only thing that makes photographing my minis possible for me. Anyway, great looking Goblins!