Saturday 25 January 2014

THE END OF AN ERA ( or another money spinning exercise)

Well it was on the cards something would happen to White Dwarf, the recent issues have been complete rubbish (the review from my 11 year old son, no doubt he is influenced by my own cynicism, but even so...) . According to the newsflash here White Dwarf is going to become a weekly (ye Gods I remember when it was bi-monthly) pamphlet, presumably like the hitherto free fliers GW have had on the counter ) and then if you require photos of the same old models painted in different colours month after month you can invest in the new Warhammer Visions. I can't see either publication lasting long.


  1. I occasionally glance at WD in Smiths but have not bought it for years , I thought 'The Hobbit' might rejuvenate it but there seemed to be very little coverage of the film or associated products . Think GW have got themselves into a sticky situation and will be interested to see if they can extract themselves .

  2. I think the strangest thing about GW is just how uninspiring they have become. I know hardly any gamers, young or old, that isn't bored or getting bored of them.

  3. I too have a look at it in WHS off and on but don't buy.I wonder what will happen...