Tuesday 22 August 2023

Chaos Warrior Reference

 Just dumping a load of pictures gleaned from WD and Line Wolf publications for reference. All Chaos Warriors from Gary Chalk's collection. It's interesting to see the same figures popping up in different battles, sometimes changing sides in a truly chaotic manner.

Mr. Spiky shield appears as N'aarsh the undead champion in Thistlewood.


  1. Great pics! I'm going to dig out the old WD editions and get all nostalgic again

  2. That top figure was originally an exclusive for anyone who bought a Citadel Miniatures Chaos Warrior bundle. Mine was stolen at a wargames event many years ago.

    1. Bad luck. I got one somehow back in the day, but not by mail order as I was never allowed to send away for stuff. Mine was very shiny and poorly cast, and nowadays would be called a recast but was definitely from Citadel. I've got one in the lead mountain now.