Wednesday 7 February 2018


In the M R James story "Two Doctors" reference is made to "the affair of the bedstaff", which is left unexplained to the reader (in cunning Jamesian style). A bedstaff seems to have been a wooden pin for securing the bed linen in times of yore, to stop the sheets slipping off.

These bedclothes seem to have acquired a life all of their own, as well as some gardening implements. More lovely Ral Partha figures from 1977, this is one of my favourites, later copied by Citadel in their Fiend Factory range. I decided to stick to the traditional sheeted phantom colour scheme.

I love the way the cloth hangs down over the face, and the hands (or whatever things worse than hands) are covered, so you are not sure if there is anything or not under there.


  1. Lovely old figures. There's a real sense of weight in the robes.
    Never heard of a Bedstaff - perhaps a similar devise could be made to stop the wife taking the duvet?

    1. I suspect if there were such an implement it would be wielded by the wives of this world to beat their spouses senseless allowing them to steal the aforesaid duvet without resistance.

  2. Most atmospheric figures there! The way they drape is splendid.

  3. One of my favorite old Ral Partha figures. But then I have a lot of favorite old Ral Partha figures. Anyway, its splendid to see a troop of these guys together and painted so creepily! Nice work!