Tuesday 26 January 2016


At last, I had some time off today to take some pictures of the King's army as it stands so far. Pretty much finished, but with a few extras to do (such as a catapult), which aren't mentioned in the army list but appear in the pictures illustrating the article.

Here we have the human infantry, the king's Pikemen, macemen and swordsmen. Each standard is emblazoned with the image of the lost Chalice of Landemar which the small but elite force is charged with recovering.

The pikemen (interpreting "pike" in the Victorian sense, as a halberd)
Knights of the Chalky Goose

These fellows are cunningly painted to be used as Men-at-Arms of Dol Amroth in OS Middle Earth games. The swan crest decided that straight away. The LOTR idea is still embryonic but I have done a few figures.

Next up the macemen
Knights of the Purple Pim (the Purple Pim is a rare type of widgeon that nests on the holy Mere of Landemar)

and finally the swordsmen, Knights of the Scarlet Auk

As the small part of the army mobilised by the king consists of elite troops, I thought it best to use well armoured knight figures, trusted chevaliers who will not spill the beans about the missing chalice.

The standard bearers are Minifigs, and all the knights are Garrison figures,all finished with yacht varnish for that extra goody two shoes gleam. Cavalry coming next!!


  1. These guys are totally awesome! I'm imaging them in an epic brawl against some old MiniFigs Greyhawk skeletons! Very nice job, and nice background, also.

    1. Thanks Charles/Chuck....I have a real thing about pre 1983-4 figures (before the introduction of the dreaded slotta base and cartoon features). I have a number of those old skeletons still to do.

  2. Got here anyway...
    Great work which I look forward to seeing in action soon I hope.