Monday 22 July 2013


Very occasionally I force myself awake to bid for a figure on Ebay USA , the auctions tending to end in the middle of the night here in England. Last night I woke myself up to bid for a figure I first saw in White Dwarf 17 (reviewed in Molten Magic )and wanted ever since The Doom guard by Archive Miniatures. I would have probably won the auction so keen was I to get it, but the grip of Morpheus was too strong and I went back to sleep waking 10 minutes after the bidding ended.

So a plea to any readers, if you have this figure and want to sell it, let me know

nostalgia is a powerful force, but not powerful enough to keep me awake after a weekend at home with the kids.


  1. Bad luck about falling into the arms of Morpheus. I do hope someone out there can sell you this splendid chap.

  2. I'll keep an eye out for one...

  3. I don't have it myself yet.....grrrr. I always use for US auctions.....places your max bid in but you will only pay the next up from the previous high bidder. Hope that makes sense......night off and the wine is going down very well!

  4. Hi David. I was going to post but am being lazy at the moment. I managed to get this figure off the original seller, who had another in reserve. He very kindly let me have it cheap as it was painted (now stripped). I will keep on the lookout for you as I owe you a favour or three.